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Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life. April 16, 2009

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Overcoming the Ups and Downs of Life

Why is it you feel good one day and bad the next for no apparent reason?

Why are some days easy and then on
others you can’t get anything right?

Are you worried that your success is temporary?

Life may have its ups and downs, but life does not have to be an uncontrollable roller coaster!

Come and see us, Recognize your real friends. Be able to tell who to trust and whose advice to ignore before it’s too late.
A professional consultant will monitor your progress along the
way. This class is usually 2 weeks long. It’s very inexpensive.

Daytime, evening, and weekend classes are available. We are a non-profit organizatoin.
Call (818) 957-1500 if you are interested.

Come to this seminar and achieve STABILITY!

” It’s such a relief to not feel like I’m on a constant roller coaster, happy one moment and completely desperate in another. And don’t think you can get bored feeling ‘up’ most of the time . Believe me, it’s much more fun than riding a roller coaster that’s out of control!” A.P.
A legal secretary writes: ” What a RELIEF! I have literally spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors, trying to figure out what’s going on. Well, now I FINALLY KNOW! L.S.


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